Visual Presentation Support Materials

Architectural design and building projects often involve many constituencies —owners, investors, directors, boards, committees, pastors, administrators, congregations, students, residents, family members and so many more.

It is a challenge to reach a unified vision and then communicate it clearly so everyone has realistic expectations of your future facility’s appearance and the possibilities within your budget. True also is the need to share accurate representations of your design plans for securing critical financing and fund raising.

Cornerstone Design Architects provides expert visual support materials that will convey the intricacies of your project. Whether you need a 3-D display model and photo-realistic color rendering superimposed on your site’s landscape, a lifelike animation movie that will walk you through selected details of your projected building(s), a sophisticated PowerPoint slide presentation or detailed fundraising campaign collateral packets, you can trust Cornerstone Design to provide thorough, timely visual services that support your needs.

Protect your investment by actually seeing the details of your design before construction. Avoid disappointment. Ensure constructability. Know exactly what you are getting before you are standing inside of it. We cannot encourage you strongly enough to take advantage of using our visual support materials before you build. We are even happy to review your existing plans and provide support services to your existing architect. Please call, 717.435.1800.