Master Planning & Feasibility

Master-PlanningMaster Planning and Vision

Effective Master Planning and Vision are your church’s guide to growth and stability no matter when you actually plan to build or renovate. Experienced professionals at Cornerstone Design Architects are uniquely qualified to lead you through the vision process incorporating your values, mission and/or ministry.

Cornerstone will help you to identify your current and future building needs and develop a detailed long-range plan and preliminary budgets that will enable you to approach your expansions and renovations in phases that work for you.

If you are seeking financing or fundraising, Cornerstone can provide detailed visual models and presentations to share with your constituents, helping them to share and embrace your vision for the future of your organization or mission.

site-selectionSite Selection and Feasibility

You think you have found the perfect site for your project. But, can you get the critical permits in hand before you need approval for financing? Is a major thoroughfare slated to cut through the surrounding lot? Or, do you have a need to expand or move your facility, but are not sure what measures you should take to ensure that your design can be adapted to the available land? Or do you already have a design, but want to make sure that you can build it within budget and timeline?

If you have faced or fear that these challenges could be yours, please call us at 717.435.1800 to learn what steps you should take next to protect yourself and your project from financial and other failure. We will guide you through the process, helping you to identify and answer the questions crucial to your success.