Aubrey Alexander Toyota

Selinsgrove, PA     |     Completed Summer 2011     |     New: 9,514 square feet     |     Renovation: 10,984 square feet

The Alexander Family Dealership was required to do upgrades to their facility per the Toyota proto-type design guidelines. T. Ross Brothers and Cornerstone Design-Architects were hired in a design-build process to demolish the existing showroom, design a new updated showroom and offices, provide an enclosed vehicular drop-off for service, renovate the service shop, and additional bays. Blaise Alexander requested the project to be designed and submitted as LEED® Certified. Several of the features are the use of waste oil from vehicles as a fuel source in the hot water and heating system boilers, under slab tank to capture water for recycling, and much emphasis on the indoor environmental quality with low-emitting materials, outdoor air delivery monitoring and controllability of systems.