Sustainable Design & Green Building Principles

SolarAs the need for more environmentally conscious design has emerged in the design and construction industry, the need for architects to respond to the vision of our client’s needs has increased. Sustainable design is not only a responsive process intended to mitigate the impact of buildings and their corresponding sites on the environment, but sustainable design also meets the needs of the occupants of buildings and spaces. Utilizing concepts such as natural daylighting, indoor air quality monitoring, and providing interior lighting and thermal controls serves to enhance the experience of building occupants.

Although we have submitted numerous projects for LEED® certification which are in their final stages, our approach is to apply green design principals where it makes economic sense and/or represents the client’s desire to be good stewards of our natural resources. We no longer provide services for a LEED® accredited professional to lead the submission process. Our mission is to responsively and creatively design facilities of significance. If our client’s vision includes incorporating sustainable design principles, Cornerstone Design-Architects will lead the design team in finding solutions that respond to our client’s vision and intentions for their facility. We also believe that designing facilities that consume less energy, reduce overall operational costs, and minimize their impact on the surrounding environment is the correct approach to design and an approach that creates a more enjoyable space to occupy.